How to Find the Best Fit for Luxury Shirts

Men’s fashion has been a boring desert of stamped T-shirts and hoodies for far too long. After years of being dominated by the whims and – admittedly fashion-challenged – tastes of rappers and brat pack celebrities, the world of men’s wear is finally regaining its senses, especially its sense of style. Nowhere is it more obvious than in the newest lines of gorgeous premium men’s designer shirts. With European tailoring, luxury fabrics and high quality, shirts like the line of Michael & David men’s designer shirts are a welcome step up for the man who wants to present a sophisticated appearance to the world.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fit for Men’s Dress Shirts

Michael & David designs feature a line of office casual and dress shirts that are meant to fit and show off your style and your physique.  According to Real Men, Real Style, most men are wearing the wrong size dress shirt. They’ve been conditioned to believe that dress shirts should fit loosely to give them “ease” and “comfort.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a slim fit shirt is far more comfortable – and looks so much better – than a baggy shirt that blouses and creases when you tuck it into dress pants.  These tips can help you choose the right size dress shirt so that you always look stylish and professional.

Collar Fitting:  The collar of your shirt should touch your neck all the way around but not squeeze it. If you can slip your finger between your collar and your neck anywhere around the collar without forcing it, you’ve got a good fit.

Shoulder Fitting:  The shoulder seams of your shirt should rest along the plane of your shoulder. The seam where the shirt connects to the sleeve should be at the end of your shoulder, and the sleeve/underarm seam should be large enough to fit without twisting or wrinkling.

Torso Fitting:  Your dress shirt should button comfortably without any tugging or pulling across the chest or the stomach. The fabric should fall smoothly, with the inside of the button placket – where the buttons are sewn onto the shirt – resting lightly against your rib cage and sternum. It shouldn’t billow when you tuck it in or fall loosely around your body.

Sleeve Fitting:  The sleeve should taper from the shoulder to the wrist to follow the natural contour of the arm. It should be loose enough at the elbow to allow the elbow to bend without constricting movement, but not so loose that the fabric pulls downward and creates sags and wrinkles.

Cuff Fitting:  The shirt cuffs should button comfortably, and there should be enough room to fit a finger between the shirt and the wrist. You should be able to remove the shirt without unbuttoning the cuffs.  Note that many Michael & David casual dress shirts feature contrast cuffs or contrast cuff linings that are meant to be folded up and showed off – but the fit should still be taken with the cuffs buttoned.

Shirt Sleeve Length:  The shirt sleeve should reach the wrist bone at the pinky side. If you wear a wrist watch, the shirt cuff should at least touch it when your arm is bent, and should cover it when your arm is at your side. About a half inch of your shirt cuff should show beyond your jacket sleeve when you wear a jacket.

Shirt Hem Length:  The shirt should fall a comfortable couple of inches below the belt of your trousers. It should not be long enough to cover your crotch or so long that you need to tuck it between your legs to hide bunching or wrinkles.

While those may seem like a lot of rules to follow, you’ll find that a shirt that fits properly at the shoulders and sleeves will likely fit properly all around. The extra care is well worth it. Once you wear a properly fitted shirt, you’ll never be comfortable in a cheap department store knockoff again.

Why Michael & David?

Michael and David shirts feature stylish patterns and fits with European flair. The fabrics are high-quality, bordering on pure luxury. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose the premium designs and superior fit of Michael & David men’s designer dress shirts.

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