In This Day and Age, You Should Always Give a Shirt

Are you ready for the holidays? Whether you’re looking a gift that’s sure to be appreciated, or hunting down attire for your man to wear for that growing round of holiday parties, you should always give a shirt – a Michael & David men’s fashion shirt, that is. Michael & David, an up and coming design house based in Los Angeles, feature a line of men’s dressy casual shirts that are designed especially for men who always give a shirt about their appearance. What makes Michael & David shirts so special? Check it out.

-          High Quality Materials – All Michael & David shirts are made with the finest materials available. Michael & David uses 100% Turkish cotton, which is known worldwide for its comfortable feel and beautiful drape.

-          Precision Construction – The quality shows in every stitch on the carefully crafted seams and corners. Each shirt is carefully inspected to ensure that every seam and every detail is perfect.

-          High End Detailing – Michael & David shirts feature the kind of tailoring details usually only found in high-end, custom-tailored shirts – details like precision-stitched seams, coordinated buttons, fold-over cuffs and integral collar stays that ensure your shirt looks as good after years of washing as it does the first time you wear it.

-          Slim European Cut – The slim European-style cut guarantees a close, tailored fit that flatters every body type. The shirt tails tuck smoothly into slacks without blousing, but looks just as stylish and elegant worn untucked.

-          Fashion-forward Patterns – Whether you’re a fan of bold patterns or subtle colors, Michael & David fits your style. The designer’s fashion line includes a range of limited edition patterns and colors that is frequently updated with new styles. From stylish checks to subtly patterned tone-on-tone woven jacquard, there are patterns and styles to suit every man.

-          Perfect Fit – Unlike many designers, the Michael & David line is available in an extended range of six sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find a shirt that fits you perfectly.

-          Easy Care – Despite the high-end fashion details, these shirts won’t kill your wallet with dry cleaning costs. All their shirts are machine washable so you can keep up appearances without paying a fortune for clothing care.

If you really give a shirt about your appearance – or are buying a special gift for a man who loves putting on a stylish, elegant front, Michael & David men’s dress casual shirts are the perfect choice. Now, for a limited time, you can buy these high-quality men’s fashion shirts at special discounted prices through Amazon Prime.

Michael & David Men’s Shirts: Can One Company Change the Way American Men Dress?

From power suits to flannel shirts, American men have never really been known as fashion icons. After decades of men’s white button down dress shirts—with an occasional nod to pale blue or yellow—it seems that American men might be on the verge of breaking out of their fashion rut. And on the forefront of this change is one lone men’s shirt company, Michael & David. This cutting edge designer is bringing something new to the table with their bold and unique style—an exceptional palette of men’s fashion shirts in vibrant colors.

In fact, the company seems to be on a mission to change the way American men dress.

Men who discover these sophisticated shirts have quickly abandoned the wasteland of gray flannel suits, double-breasted jackets and understated bland dress shirts. They are now opting for more color, like Michael & David’s limited-run patterns that range from bold contrasts to subtle tone-on-tone jacquard woven fabrics. These men definitely stand out against the bland crowd that wears the typical pastels and whites.

In addition to more color, today’s men are also saying goodbye to oversized shirts that are designed to hide the fact their shirt just doesn’t fit. Taking their cue from European designers, these new stylish men want long sleeve casual shirts that are slim-cut, designed to taper from shoulder to waist and tuck neatly into pants without bunching over the belt. The result is a cleaner, neater, more elegant look.

Michael & David’s designers are also answering the call by bringing a more European flair in other ways. Their long-sleeve men’s dress shirts feature full button French cuffs, many of them with stylish contrast lining intended to be displayed, along with matching collar band lining that makes a true fashion statement. They use only the finest 100% Turkish cotton, known the world over for its luxurious drape and feel. The precision seams are carefully checked and double-checked to ensure that each stitch is perfect. The top-seam stitching is an elegant European touch that’s reminiscent of the finest bespoke tailoring.

This growing movement for something new shows what can happen when a company steps in at the exact moment the population is demanding change. There is clearly a new style on the horizon for American men, and Michael & David’s men’s shirts seem to be leading the charge. So, can one men’s dress shirt company change the way American men dress? It appears that they’re doing just that.