Celebrities Set the Fashion Trends for 2015 with Our Stylish Men’s Shirts

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The styles that celebrities wear onstage often inspire fans to emulate them, and their offstage attire inspires imitation. That’s why it’s really exciting to see so many actors and music celebrities sporting bold, comfortable shirts made by LA designer house Michael and David Menswear. We specialize in stylish men’s shirts with a continental flair. With distinctive patterns and their signature American slim fit cut, our line is a natural for active men who appreciate luxury, fashion and comfort.

Michael and David shirts have been spotted both onstage and off on the backs of such notables as Reggaeton singer Tito el Bambino, who appreciates the quality and style of Michael and David’s long sleeve fashion shirts onstage and off, and TV actor Michael Goyri, who favors subtle tone-on-tone patterns in comfortable jacquard cotton weave. Mexican singing sensation El Komander finds his personal style in a wide range of our fashion shirts, from the solid-color long-sleeve shirts he wears in performance to the bold, bright patterns he favors for his nights on the town. Other celebrities spotted in our shirts include singers Javier Rosas, Beto Sierra and Espinosa Paz.

Trendy style is only one of the reasons that our shirts are so popular on the celebrity circuit, but it’s certainly an important one. Each men’s dress shirt is cut to the designer’s signature American slim fit, a profile that’s designed to flatter a wide range of body types. The exquisite tailoring includes precision seams and top-stitching that shows off the high quality of the construction and workmanship that goes into each garment. For comfort and durability, we use the finest Turkish cotton, which is known worldwide for its luxurious texture and enduring strength. Where fashion is concerned, Michael and David make liberal use of fashion-forward details, such as contrast facings on collars and cuffs, matching contrast facing on the button plackets and contrast top-stitching on rolled French seams.

What Will American Men Wear in 2015?

As the year draws to a close, we are looking ahead to the prospects in men’s fashion for 2015. Over the past year, we’ve seen our line of men’s fashion shirts picked up by major retailers throughout the U.S., and in select cities overseas. In the New Year, we expect to add more Main Street retailers to our list of outlets, while continuing to offer select men’s shirt styles online.

Our design line has quickly acquired a reputation for high-quality, comfortable men’s dress shirts. As part of our promise to become “your favorite shirt,” Michael and David’s uses 100% Turkish cotton, generally acknowledged to be the softest and most luxurious type of cotton, in their most popular shirt styles. Paired with exquisite tailoring, and the company’s signature American slim fit, the choice of fabric makes our men’s fashion shirts among the most comfortable garments on the market.

In the upcoming year, customers can expect to see more patterns, colors and styles added to the Michael and David line. Many of the patterns are limited runs, and regular customers have already learned to grab styles they like as soon as they’re available to avoid disappointment, however, there is a chance that some of the more popular patterns will make a reappearance during 2015. Regardless, they can expect us to continue their trend of offering bold, stylish and elegant patterns and colors.

In addition to our line being available in more retail locations throughout North and South America, we are pleased to continue the availability of select men’s fashion shirt styles on Amazon Prime at a special promotional price through at least June 2015. The limited-time promotion will make it easier for those who don’t currently have access to Michael and David men’s dress shirts at their favorite men’s fine clothing shops.


Buy Michael & David Men’s Shirts on Amazon Prime Today – Click Here!

Michael and David Say No to Ugly Sweaters for the Holidays

Ugly sweater parties are all the rage this holiday season, but at least one design house is saying no to the ironic hipster trend. Why wear an ugly sweater when you can hit the holiday parties in a stylish shirt that makes a real impression, asks Michael & David, a fast-growing men’s fashion design firm. Over the past few years, Michael and David has become the champion of fine casual dressing for men. Their line of stylish men’s casual shirts features European flair that brings out the fashionable side of any man. To help men dress for holiday cheer, the up-and-coming design house offers these tips for avoiding the ugly sweater syndrome.

Ties are optional. Unless the invitation specifies business attire or higher, ties are definitely optional for holiday partying. Instead, suggest fashion gurus, choose shirts with stylish collars that look great buttoned up or open. Michael and David men’s shirts include a range of collar styles, including meticulously tailored and stitched styles and collars faced with contrast fabrics ideal for open wearing.

Slim fit is in. Many shirt companies make their shirts oversize on the theory that tucking in shirt tails forgives poor fit. Instead, men end up with wrinkled shirts and uncomfortable bulk at the waist. European designers have understood this for years, and opt for a slimmer, more fitted cut that emphasizes a man’s build and fits as well under a suit jacket or sweater as it does worn untucked over fashionable slacks or jeans.

For those attending ugly sweater parties, layering is a life-saver. After all, fun is fun and it’s just rude to ignore a host’s party theme. Ugly sweater party-goers don’t have to stay ugly all night, though. Wearing the sweater over a fashionable shirt gives men the option to shed the reindeer, wreaths and snowflakes later in the evening and show off their personal style.

To tuck or not to tuck, that is the question – and the answer is to suit the occasion. For casual affairs or a night at the club, an untucked shirt makes a clear fashion and comfort statement. Untucked shirts move more easily on the dance floor and look more approachable and comfortable at the bar. For more businesslike affairs, a slim-fit shirt tucks neatly into dress slacks at the office Christmas party or an afternoon open house at the boss’ place.

Michael and David shirts are available at a growing number of fine men’s clothing stores throughout the nation. For a limited time, they can also be found online through Amazon Prime at special promotional prices for those who enjoy affordable high-end style.

Michael and David Suggest Top Holiday Gifts for the Well-Dressed Man

Skip the obligatory silk tie for Christmas, suggests men’s fashion house, Michael and David. The California men’s fashion firm believes that American men are ready for a style revolution, and they’re doing their bit to make it happen. As part of its quest to awaken men’s fashion sense, the company offers a list of gift suggestions for those who have fashion-conscious men on their gift-giving list. The list includes a range of fashion accessories and grooming aids to help them present an image consistent with the high-end, high-quality fashion shirts on which the brand is building its name.

Good grooming is essential to good fashion. Well-designed men’s grooming kits make great stocking stuffers. The well-chosen grooming kit takes the gift-giver’s personal needs into account, but should include nail clippers, fine scissors and a nail file. Other options to consider include a good razor and a high-quality men’s hair brush.

Well-maintained shoes are the mark of a conscientiously well-dressed man. Shoeshine kits may have gone underground in this day of athletic shoes, but they still have a place on the gift list for any fashion-conscious man. There are many affordable travel kits that include shoe polish, shoe brushes and other cleaning supplies to make sure a man is well-appointed from head to toe.

Nothing spoils a man’s appearance like lint and wrinkles. While they may not be the most glamorous of holiday gifts, a portable hand steamer and lint brush are among the most useful. There are a number of great options that can help men look their best at all times.

The stylish man should smell as good as he looks. Every fashionable man will appreciate toiletry gifts, but they don’t have to be limited to cologne and aftershave these days. Many men’s fragrance houses now also offer coordinated body washes, shampoos, conditioners and other cleaning and grooming products with high fashion appeal.

Shirts are easily the most visible and memorable piece of men’s attire, making the right shirt an indispensable starting point for any outfit. Michael and David offers a range of men’s fashion shirts for all casual and office casual wear. The design line’s shirt styles feature a range of colors and patterns, from bold to subtle, and a classic European cut for fitted style. Michael and David shirts are available at a growing number of fine men’s clothing stores throughout the country and selected European cities, as well as online through Amazon Prime for a limited time.

Michael and David Men’s Shirts Bring New Style to This Year’s Holiday Events

Michael and David, an up-and-coming men’s clothing designer, wants men to cut a more fashionable figure this holiday season. While the trendy hipster is ironically donning the iconic ugly Christmas sweater for Ugly Sweater parties, Michael and David is encouraging American men to show off their style at this year’s holiday parties and events. It’s time for American men to shed their drab office-to-boardroom dress shirts and show off their fashion chops with meticulously tailored, fashion-forward shirts

The innovative West Coast design house features men’s high-quality shirts with a European sensibility. Unlike typical American-made men’s shirts, Michael and David shirts are cut to flatter the figure and complement both business casual and evening casual outfits. The closer European fit is tailored to look just as good at the office as it does at the club. The Michael and David line includes both bold, color-forward patterns and subtle tone-on-tone jacquards, making them the perfect shirt to wear for most casual dress occasions, whether they’re worn under a sport jacket or over dress slacks or jeans. High-fashion details include contrast linings for collars and cuffs, fold-back cuffs, precision over-stitching and luxury fabrics.

The designer sensibility extends beyond fashion to quality. Each shirt is precision-stitched and meticulously tailored for better fit, longer wear and higher comfort. The use of high thread count Turkish cotton – generally acknowledged to be the most comfortable and luxurious in the business – guarantees that every shirt will look just and feel just as good the hundredth time it’s worn as it does the first.

Michael and David shirts are designed for the stylish man who wants to stand out. To that end, many of the design company’s styles are available on a limited basis, with new styles, colors and designs being added frequently to keep the line fresh. At the same time, each design has timeless appeal to ensure that it will always be in style.

Michael and David men’s fashion shirts are carried at high-end retailers across the U.S., Canada and in selected shops overseas. They are also available online for a special promotional period through Amazon Prime at an affordable price for the budget-conscious man. The promotion extends through the holiday season, making them an ideal gift choice for any fashion-forward American male. To see the range of styles available, look for Michael and David men’s shirts online at Amazon Prime.