5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Summer Men’s Casual Button Down Shirt

MD-457 Navy 5 sideThis summer, the watchword for men’s casual summer dress is style. When you’re looking for the perfect evening or event look for summer parties, skip the T-shirts and polo shirt, and head for the Casual Menswear department. The right men’s casual button down shirt will make you look good, feel great and present a stylish, attractive, professional appearance.

Unlike the typical sports shirt, button down shirts are meant to be worn with jeans or casual pants. And our men’s casual button downs offer style details that mark you as someone with a real sense of style. Choosing the right summer men’s shirt offers some challenges, but these tips will help ensure that you stay cool as a cucumber while showing off your unique style.

Get the Right Fit

When you’re shopping for men’s casual shirts, pay close attention to the fit. Some fashion gurus will tell you to choose a looser fit for summer, but don’t do it! The fact is that loose shirts are just as uncomfortable and ill-fitting as constricting shirts that fit too closely. Instead, you should choose a shirt that follows your body shape without clinging to it or binding. Check out the designer men’s casual shirts offered by our Los Angeles menswear design house. Michael & David’s specializes in what we call American slim fit. The shirts we make are designed to show off a man’s physique without binding or constricting. And our slim fit is ideal for summer wear. It’s not so tight that it shows your sweat, and not so loose that it looks sloppy.

Choose a Breathable Fabric

When choosing men’s casual shirts for summer wear, choose shirts that are made of fabric that helps keep you cool. Natural fabrics are best because they’re designed to “breathe.” They do this by wicking the heat away from your body while allowing the air to circulate and keep you cool. Don’t choose just any natural fabric, though. Tightly woven fabrics can be counter productive. Michael & David shirts are made of 100% natural Turkish cotton, generally regarded as one of the most luxurious, comfortable fabrics in the world. It’s the perfect compromise between heavier fabrics that maintain crisp details and soft fabrics, like madras or gauze that tend to look sloppy and wrinkle easily.

Show Off Your Style

Look for details that make you stand out as a man of distinction and style. Plaid, madras and gingham checks are all just a bit too casual for that classy summer evening look. Instead, look for shirts that feature bright colors and striking patterns, and are cut in styles that show them – and you – to the best effect. You should also look for shirts with fine details like precise top stitching, contrast collars and plackets, and roll-up cuffs in contrast fabrics for the hottest men’s casual dress shirt looks.

Always Opt for Quality

You’ll pay a little more for a high quality men’s summer shirt, but the expense is well worth it. Cheap men’s shirts simply don’t wear well, and they certainly don’t look good on you. A high quality men’s shirt like those imported by Michael & David Menswear will look as good after 50 washes as it does the first time you wear it. Every stitch is perfectly placed to ensure that your shirt lies just right over your shoulders and chest, and doesn’t bunch at the waist or hips.

Look for a Great Bargain

Paying for quality doesn’t mean you can’t find great bargains. Keep your eye out for quality names and styles on sale or available during special promotional deals or periods, like the Michael & David Men’s shirts available for a limited time promotion via Amazon Prime.

Whether you’re dressing for casual office wear or for a night out on the town, the right men’s casual dress shirts will strike just the right note. Follow the five tips that are listed above to help you craft the perfect summer look.

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