A Whole New World of Men’s Shirts

blackWhile the Wall Street Journal – yes, that Wall Street Journal – rhapsodizes over the adoption of sportswear as fashionable day wear for men, the icon of NYC upper class attitude completely missed the boat about men’s shirts. The recent article about men’s sportswear was titled “From Treadmill to Runway: Men’s Sportswear Smartens Up,” but it lacked any mention whatsoever of one men’s fashion staple – the men’s fashion button down shirt.

In fact, men’s button down shirts are often regarded as “part of the uniform” – dull foils meant to be worn under a jacket and, at best, serve as a good background for a necktie. But American men are starting to wake up to a whole world of men’s button down shirt styles, styles in bright colors and patterns, with contrast stitching and design details that European and South American men have long taken for granted. And despite the fact that American men are a bit late to the party in adopting the fashionable men’s shirt looks, they’re definitely turning up everywhere, from the floor of the club to hot A-list Hollywood parties.

At Michael & David, our LA menswear design house offers a line of men’s designer shirts that combine continental style sensibility with the comfort and quality American men expect. In fact, our company website features photos of celebrities hobnobbing with fans, performing and just generally hanging out wearing our designer signature Michael & David men’s designer shirts. They feature bold colors, distinctive patterns and what we like to call an “American slim” fit. This style of shirt is cut close to fit the masculine body, but not so tight it binds in the wrong places. These are shirts designed for style and comfort, the hallmark of the very finest in menswear design.

Men’s Button Down Shirt Style

In the world of men’s shirts, button down shirts are a step above jerseys and pullovers on the formality scale. Even plaid flannel shirts and the ever-popular men’s shirt in blue chambray are just a touch dressier than a tee or sweater. So it’s no surprise that men’s button downs are more welcome at the club than a golf shirt or sweats – even if the Wall Street Journal seems to think that silk sweats are a more fashionable alternative to a suit with a button down shirt. The WSJ has never been known as an arbiter of fashion, men’s or otherwise, though they’re not entirely wrong on this one. After all, no one wants to hit the dance floor in a suit and tie.

What they do want is a men’s shirt that looks fabulous, feels comfortable and wears like iron. Our Michael & David design line ticks all the boxes. Not only are they fashionable and attractive, these shirts feature high quality construction details, like double-stitched seams, meticulous tailoring and exquisite style. Our men’s designer shirt imports are cut to fit comfortably without being sloppy, and crafted of 100% natural Turkish cotton, which is generally acknowledged to be among the most luxurious fabrics in the world. The luxurious fabric and quality construction guarantee that the shirts will look as good after dozens of washes as they do right out of the package.

Men’s button down shirts may not be walking down the fashion runways this summer, but they’re definitely be putting in appearances at clubs, weddings and other occasions and events all over the country. Perhaps the Wall Street Journal should stick to reporting financial news.

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