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About Men’s Designer Fashion Shirts…

We are the home of men’s fashion designer trends. We feature the up and coming brands and designs of noteworthy men’s clothing – mainly men’s designer shirts. These are button down, dress shirts with elegance and style.

We are always keeping an eye out for new high quality brands and great men’s clothing companies. We like to feature the smaller and mid-size apparel manufacturers that have great quality and exciting new styles and designs.

Of particular interest in men’s clothing right now, is the dynamic new line of Michael and David men’s clothes. It started as a line of high quality men’s button down shirts then the brand stretched and grew to include other men’s clothes including jeans and shoes. Contact us for more information.

For wholesale orders of Michael and David Men’s clothing line, please contact:

Matthew Hesser

P.O. Box 880, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

805-534-9800 office

mjh2800  at   gmail.com

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