A Whole New World of Men’s Shirts

blackWhile the Wall Street Journal – yes, that Wall Street Journal – rhapsodizes over the adoption of sportswear as fashionable day wear for men, the icon of NYC upper class attitude completely missed the boat about men’s shirts. The recent article about men’s sportswear was titled “From Treadmill to Runway: Men’s Sportswear Smartens Up,” but it lacked any mention whatsoever of one men’s fashion staple – the men’s fashion button down shirt.

In fact, men’s button down shirts are often regarded as “part of the uniform” – dull foils meant to be worn under a jacket and, at best, serve as a good background for a necktie. But American men are starting to wake up to a whole world of men’s button down shirt styles, styles in bright colors and patterns, with contrast stitching and design details that European and South American men have long taken for granted. And despite the fact that American men are a bit late to the party in adopting the fashionable men’s shirt looks, they’re definitely turning up everywhere, from the floor of the club to hot A-list Hollywood parties.

At Michael & David, our LA menswear design house offers a line of men’s designer shirts that combine continental style sensibility with the comfort and quality American men expect. In fact, our company website features photos of celebrities hobnobbing with fans, performing and just generally hanging out wearing our designer signature Michael & David men’s designer shirts. They feature bold colors, distinctive patterns and what we like to call an “American slim” fit. This style of shirt is cut close to fit the masculine body, but not so tight it binds in the wrong places. These are shirts designed for style and comfort, the hallmark of the very finest in menswear design.

Men’s Button Down Shirt Style

In the world of men’s shirts, button down shirts are a step above jerseys and pullovers on the formality scale. Even plaid flannel shirts and the ever-popular men’s shirt in blue chambray are just a touch dressier than a tee or sweater. So it’s no surprise that men’s button downs are more welcome at the club than a golf shirt or sweats – even if the Wall Street Journal seems to think that silk sweats are a more fashionable alternative to a suit with a button down shirt. The WSJ has never been known as an arbiter of fashion, men’s or otherwise, though they’re not entirely wrong on this one. After all, no one wants to hit the dance floor in a suit and tie.

What they do want is a men’s shirt that looks fabulous, feels comfortable and wears like iron. Our Michael & David design line ticks all the boxes. Not only are they fashionable and attractive, these shirts feature high quality construction details, like double-stitched seams, meticulous tailoring and exquisite style. Our men’s designer shirt imports are cut to fit comfortably without being sloppy, and crafted of 100% natural Turkish cotton, which is generally acknowledged to be among the most luxurious fabrics in the world. The luxurious fabric and quality construction guarantee that the shirts will look as good after dozens of washes as they do right out of the package.

Men’s button down shirts may not be walking down the fashion runways this summer, but they’re definitely be putting in appearances at clubs, weddings and other occasions and events all over the country. Perhaps the Wall Street Journal should stick to reporting financial news.

Slip into Slim Fit Fashion with The Reinvigorated 60’s Look

aaabbbThroughout the years we have seen many fashion statements from year’s gone by make a sudden and dramatic return to the fashion world. Obviously not all fashion styles comeback; some are (luckily) buried in the annals of history never to be seen again. Some examples of those that are retuning are the popular dresses from the 80’s, and even the 1950’s haircut has started to spread across some parts of the World, mostly thanks to English football legend David Beckham.

The Return of the Sixties For Men

Men’s fashions are currently going through a shift as the 1960 styles are popping up in 2015 with a new line of slim fit shirts. These sleeker, more sophisticated shirts are being embraced by many people. That’s no surprise when you consider that these shirts are more tailored, sleek, tidy and polished. Compare that to the styles of yesterday when men wore baggy shirts that simply didn’t fit properly.  Bu the swinging 60’s was the era for everything skinny, and we are convinced that this new sleek fashion style is about to take the world by storm—once again.

Design Houses and Celebrities are Both Helping Endorse the New Look

Luckily, this is one fashion trends that transcends the magazines and fashion columns. There are quit a few high quality outlets that are buzzing about the new slim fit designs, and plenty of celebs who are more than happy to be seen out and about in the new look. Whether it’s a pair of skinny jeans, a skinny t-shirt or a skinny shirt, 60’s fashion is back. And at Michael and David’s men’s shirts, we want to make sure American men understand the shift in their fashion world—and don’t get left behind.

Mexican Singer Javier Rosas Takes Slim Fit to a New Level

Several celebrities had been seen around town wearing our shirts, which fit nicely into the new fashion trend. For example, we’ve already seen the hit Mexican singer Javier Rosas donning our new slim-fit clothing line, but it doesn’t stop there. Many celebrities are flocking to our designer racks to make sure they aren’t left out when it comes to the latest styles. Which brings us to our next point.

We don’t just mass produce our product. Instead, we understand the importance of uniqueness and individuality in men’s fashion designs. That’s why each one of our shirts is part of a limited edition design so men can feel confident that they’ll stand out from the crown. But that means that once stock runs out on a particular line, you won’t be able to purchase the shirt anymore. That’s why it’s important that when you see a shirt you love, you should put off the purchase.

Each of our limited edition sets is well thought-out and meticulously designed out of the finest Turkish fabric. And we pay attention to the details. Each and every design, down to the last cross-stitch is of supurb and uncompromising quality.

More About How the Shirts are Made

If you’ve never worn a quality shirt, you may not be familiar with all of the benefits you’ll experience when you slip one on. The shirts are tailored slim fit, and will fit you like a dream because they are made for your body type. They won’t be too loose, and they won’t be too tight. Instead, they’ll fit you as if they were designed just for you.

You will also find the following features in our shirts:

  • A unique, custom designer style with contrasting cuff and collar details that give you a comfortable, understated elegance. You’ll continue to receive compliments after years of wear.
  • Shirts are made from Turkish cotton, which is one of the most sought after and desirable fabrics in the high quality men’s shirt fashion circles.
  • Premium collar stays are used in order to keep collars looking great after years of wear.

As if that’s not enough, we are so confident that you will love our shirts that we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the shirt for any reason.


There you have it, slim fit is back in fashion. Will you be joining the new fashion trend?

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Summer Men’s Casual Button Down Shirt

MD-457 Navy 5 sideThis summer, the watchword for men’s casual summer dress is style. When you’re looking for the perfect evening or event look for summer parties, skip the T-shirts and polo shirt, and head for the Casual Menswear department. The right men’s casual button down shirt will make you look good, feel great and present a stylish, attractive, professional appearance.

Unlike the typical sports shirt, button down shirts are meant to be worn with jeans or casual pants. And our men’s casual button downs offer style details that mark you as someone with a real sense of style. Choosing the right summer men’s shirt offers some challenges, but these tips will help ensure that you stay cool as a cucumber while showing off your unique style.

Get the Right Fit

When you’re shopping for men’s casual shirts, pay close attention to the fit. Some fashion gurus will tell you to choose a looser fit for summer, but don’t do it! The fact is that loose shirts are just as uncomfortable and ill-fitting as constricting shirts that fit too closely. Instead, you should choose a shirt that follows your body shape without clinging to it or binding. Check out the designer men’s casual shirts offered by our Los Angeles menswear design house. Michael & David’s specializes in what we call American slim fit. The shirts we make are designed to show off a man’s physique without binding or constricting. And our slim fit is ideal for summer wear. It’s not so tight that it shows your sweat, and not so loose that it looks sloppy.

Choose a Breathable Fabric

When choosing men’s casual shirts for summer wear, choose shirts that are made of fabric that helps keep you cool. Natural fabrics are best because they’re designed to “breathe.” They do this by wicking the heat away from your body while allowing the air to circulate and keep you cool. Don’t choose just any natural fabric, though. Tightly woven fabrics can be counter productive. Michael & David shirts are made of 100% natural Turkish cotton, generally regarded as one of the most luxurious, comfortable fabrics in the world. It’s the perfect compromise between heavier fabrics that maintain crisp details and soft fabrics, like madras or gauze that tend to look sloppy and wrinkle easily.

Show Off Your Style

Look for details that make you stand out as a man of distinction and style. Plaid, madras and gingham checks are all just a bit too casual for that classy summer evening look. Instead, look for shirts that feature bright colors and striking patterns, and are cut in styles that show them – and you – to the best effect. You should also look for shirts with fine details like precise top stitching, contrast collars and plackets, and roll-up cuffs in contrast fabrics for the hottest men’s casual dress shirt looks.

Always Opt for Quality

You’ll pay a little more for a high quality men’s summer shirt, but the expense is well worth it. Cheap men’s shirts simply don’t wear well, and they certainly don’t look good on you. A high quality men’s shirt like those imported by Michael & David Menswear will look as good after 50 washes as it does the first time you wear it. Every stitch is perfectly placed to ensure that your shirt lies just right over your shoulders and chest, and doesn’t bunch at the waist or hips.

Look for a Great Bargain

Paying for quality doesn’t mean you can’t find great bargains. Keep your eye out for quality names and styles on sale or available during special promotional deals or periods, like the Michael & David Men’s shirts available for a limited time promotion via Amazon Prime.

Whether you’re dressing for casual office wear or for a night out on the town, the right men’s casual dress shirts will strike just the right note. Follow the five tips that are listed above to help you craft the perfect summer look.

We Completely Agree With Esquire Magazine: Men Need to Take Off their Ugly T-shirts

aAre you still wearing free t-shirts and calling it style? If so, Esquire Magazine has some advice for you—take them off!!  With the advent of the internet and all things tech, startup T-shirts became the rage as startup companies handed them out like candy. Men across America began wearing them with jeans, sweaters, and even under suit jackets. The popular magazine recently released an article that was based on a Tumblr piece called Dudes in Startup Shirts, and makes fun of men in the shirts. The article is complete with many photos of men who, quite frankly, think they look better than they really do in the shirts. Here are some of the highlights from the article:

  • In a couple of the photos, men are shown either eating pizza or standing over a pizza with a knife ready to cut it. In all of the pizza photos, the men are wearing T-shirts that advertise startups, many of which most people have never heard of.
  • There were many photos of men at tech conferences who wore the T-shirts to advertise their brand. This is the one instance where we believe the shirts may be appropriate
  • One photo showed a man being led away in handcuffs with a startup logo blazing across the front of the shirt. This is one type of publicity the startup founders probably never counted on, or wished for.
  • Thumbs up poses were big in the article, especially when the photo showed men in groups. They would cluster around each other, all with goofy grins and giving a thumbs up to the camera.

The Takeaway

As you can imagine, the magazine article didn’t show men—or their fashion sense—in the best light. The takeaway from the piece is that it’s time for men to start taking their fashion seriously, and free startup T-shirts just aren’t going to cut it. The problem is that the American style of men’s fashion is currently undergoing major changes, and the men portrayed in these photos are simply not keeping up with the times.

The New American Style

While it was considered hip in the past decade for men to be charmingly sloppy as they were dressed in jean with baggy shirts or the startup tees mentioned above, that look is past its prime. Today’s men are waking up and realizing that the rest of the world has left them behind when it comes to fashion. For instance, in Europe, which has been long considered the place for fashion icons, men are wearing more sophisticated styles. Long gone are the baggy shirts that make men look dowdy. They have been replaced for a more fitted style that is far more appealing for all body types. In addition, rather than the simple blend of cotton tees and the baggy shirts of yesteryear, the new styles are made with high quality fabrics, such as Turkish cotton, arguably the most luxurious fabric to hit men’s fashion in decades. In addition, men are challenging the status quo by insisting on men’s shirts that have character, rather than the one style for everyone theme of the past decade. The new shirts feature contrasting collars and cuffs in a multitude of colors and styles that allow men to express themselves while still remaining fashionable and sophisticated.

Have You Seen Our Men’s Shirts?

If you ‘re not familiar with our brand, you’re going to be surprised when you see our line of men’s shirts. You see, we realized some time ago that American men were falling behind in the fashion world, and we introduced a line that brought the highlights of European style to the American man. We feature Turkish cotton shirts with the fitted lines that have taken Europe by storm. In addition, we offer a wide range of colors, along with contrasting cuffs and collars to fit every man’s style.

So Take off the Tees!

While it’s true that every man needs free T-shirts, however goofy, the fashion magazine makes a valid suggestion: wear them in the privacy of your own home. And after reviewing the pictures and comments from Esquire Magazine and the tumbler site, it might be wise to follow their advice and only wear the shirts while cleaning out your gutters, painting your house or, while working out at the gym. And when you’re trying to make a good impression, or are out in public, keep up with today’s style by wearing shirts that will keep you feeling comfortable and looking your best. If you haven’t already, take a look around our site and see what today’s fashionable man is wearing.

The Verdict is in—Men are Wearing Sim Fit Shirts More Than Ever Now

MD-515 White 2 front cuff upIt’s the typical story—American fashion usually follows behind Europe and Asian, and in the world of men’s fashion, that seems to be happening again. According to a recently issued report by Bloomberg News, American men are finally catching up to the fashion trends in Europe and Asia when it comes to the style of shirt they are wearing. Up until the shift, American men have been perfectly content to wear baggy dress shirts in monotone colors with no real style distinction. And during this time, forward thinking men in Europe and Asia have preferred a more slim fit style that feature contrasting collars and cuffs. But finally, it appears that American men are catching up with the trend. Bloomberg News recently brought home that fact when it reported that 60 percent of all men’s dress shirts sold at Nordstrom are trim fit. And some men are going beyond the trends because a full 10 percent of those sales are extra trim shirts. Contrast that to only five years ago, when a mere 40 percent of men’s dress shirts sold were sim fit. That’s up 20 percent in a scant five years.

The 60′s Reborn

The trend is said to have started as a kickback to the 60s, when the skinny look was in for men as they wore shirts that fit more snugly to the body. That seems to make sense as women’s fashion is currently also emulating women’s 60s fashion as can be seen in the new hippie and bohemian styles that are so popular. In addition, Cotton Timberlake with Bloomberg said that he believes women who see the European and Asian trends online can be credited for having their men switch to the simmer fit dress shirts. The popularity of the style can be seen by watching celebrities. Super stars like George Clooney, Tom Brady, LeBron James, and Justin Timberlake all have taken to the new style, and when the average man sees them wear the new slimmer shirts, they quickly adopt the new shirts into their own wardrobe.

Michael and David Saw the Trend Coming

The new style, which is a more polished and tailored look that the old baggier style, is seen more and more on runways and in real life as American men are wearing them to work and play. At Michael and David men’s shirts, we were one of the first design houses to clearly see the new style on the horizon. We realized years ago that the baggy look was on its way out, and introduced a slim fit men’s shirt line that was quickly noticed by singers, stars and average men alike. For instance, the papers are filled with photographs of Sergio Goyri, Tito El Bambino, Javier Rosas, Aaron Barrios, Espinoza Paz and El Komander sporting our Michael and David’s men shirts. In addition to the slim fit style that is so in demand, our shirts are also known for the contrasting collars and cuffs, and the high quality Turkish cotton we use that gives our shirts that soft, subtle feel.

Our Shirts are on Sale!

If you want to incorporate the sleeker new style into your own wardrobe, but have held back because of the hefty price tag that comes with such a quality shirt, we have great news! You can find our men’s fashion shirts drastically discounted on Amazon Prime right now. The shirts normally retail for $165 each, and our low price averages at $109. But for a very limited time, you can find assorted selections of Michael and David men’s shirts for only $69. It’s a great time to update your wardrobe without having to pay full retail. But keep in mind, that these prices will only last until the shirts are gone, so if you ‘re ready to update your wardrobe and finally get rid of those baggy out of style shirts, now is the time to act.

It’s never been a better time to be an American man who cares about fashion. The new trim fit styles and the trendsetting contrast collars and cuffs of today’s dress shirts are truly giving men a real choice when it comes to their wardrobes. They no longer have to be slaves to the sloppy American look of men’s fashion, and can now finally step into the more polished and sleek style that the rest of the world is heading towards. Don’t get left behind—stop by our Amazon Prime page now and pick up some of the new style shirts before they are all gone!

If Imitation is a Form of Flattery, We Gratefully Tip our Hats to Fashion Week

aWe’ve always believed that menswear in America needed a whole new look, and that’s why we’ve been so bold in our styles and colors. Once men discover our men’s shirts, they quickly become so attached them that they don’t want to go back to the mostly boring style of other men’s designers. That’s why we feel so vindicated. You see, at this year’s Fashion Week runways, we couldn’t help but notice that our style has caught on, and is now being copied by men’s fashion houses all over. When the men first began walking the runway, we thought the latest trends in men shirts look more than a little familiar. And they did. From the big name designers to ready to wear lines, they all featured elements that are the hallmarks of our Michael and David men’s fashion shirt line.

What Were the Styles at the Fashion Week Shows?

When the male models hit the runways at various Fashion Week shows, many of them were sporting shirts that featured the bold designs, slim fit and meticulous tailoring that is well known to the customers of our fast growing men’s design house. And while some fashion pundits are calling the look retro and comparing the patterns and styles to the 1970s, the truth is that the men’s shirt fashions for the 2015 Spring and summer season have a distinctly modern edge. In the past, the runway fashions have been an indicator of what men will be wearing this spring, and if this year stays true to the pattern, men all over will be wearing the same styles that our customers have for years.

How Was Michael and David Imitated?

One of the biggest men’s fashion shirt characteristics that was imitated from our line is fit. We had already come to the conclusion that after years of men wearing oversize, sloppy shirts, men needed a change. And now it seems that the men’s design world has finally embraced the cut that Michael and David calls American slim-fit. This cut skims the body without clinging to it. The slimmer cut fits better under jackets and looks better when the shirts are worn tucked in or left hanging out over business casual and dress pants.

Another features swiped directly from our catalog are wide collars, and they are back in style with a vengeance. On the runways, the boldest shirts featured wide spread Cuban collars, and were lined with contrast facing to show off that unbuttoned look. The same contrast facing frequently shows up on button plackets and cuff facings, along with precision top stitching that emphasizes meticulous tailoring. To anyone who has worn our shirts in the past—does any of this seem familiar?

It’s a New Day in Men’s Fashion

The spring palette for men’s fashion shirts is a major departure from the muted earth colors and neutrals that have been favored by men for decades. All men, not just our clients, can now look forward to bold and bright colors that include reds, purples, yellows and blues. Today’s fabrics come in both solids and unexpected and bold prints. The patterns we see, from the runways to our own catalog, range from subtle jacquards to bright contrasting checks, stripes, floral and paisley prints.

Some fashion observers aren’t used to this type of style, and question whether the patterns and contrasts are right for men. But in fact, when a man wears one of our shirts, he tends to look even more masculine. That’s because the wide collars, bold patterns and slim fit emphasize the masculine in a way that can only be defined as machismo. Truly, a man who understands who his is will stand out among the crowd in these style of shirts, and get noticed. Whether worn with jeans, dress or business casual pants, the trendy male this spring will be wearing colors, collars and cuffs inspired by the 1970s and our Los Angeles design house.

We are a rapidly growing design house based in Los Angeles, who until this year’s men’s fashion week, have been a lone voice in the attempt to update men’s fashion. Thankfully, it appears that the other designer houses have finally caught up. Our line of men’s designer shirts can be found in fine men’s clothing stores and exclusive men’s boutiques across North and South America, as well as in select European cities. Michael and David shirts are also available online through Amazon Prime for a limited promotional period.

It’s Almost Valentine’s Day. What Will You Wear to Impress Your Date?

Tito El Bambino Loves Michael and David Men's Shirts

Tito El Bambino Loves Michael and David Men’s Shirts

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and men across the world are already sweating about how they’ll impress their dates that night. Many will take their dates to fancy restaurants, or plan another special evening, but only the fashion savvy understand the important of looking their best for the night. After all, women love to get dressed up for a romantic Valentine’s Day date, and if her man doesn’t make the effort, it can quickly put a damper on the evening. And if you’re a woman looking for a special gift that will light up your man’s eyes, we’ve got you covered, too.

Michael and David to the Rescue

Fear not, because our  Los Angeles menswear design house has introduced new colors and patterns of its most popular men’s shirt design just in time for Valentine’s Day gift giving and date nights. At Michael and David Menswear, we are known for our striking designs in men’s button down casual shirts, and just in time for this romantic holiday, we are amping up the style for spring by offering our popular American slim fit long-sleeve dress shirts in three new high-energy patterns and several colors.

Our rapidly growing design house has hit a chord with style-conscious men of all ages. That’s due in part to our wide selection of designs, patterns and colors. In a world too often bound by a boring “business casual” colors and a loose boxy fit, our design house has made a name for itself with its signature American slim fit and selection of bold prints and patterns. Our company prides itself on our unique combination of style and comfort. In fact, we’re so sure of our originality and one of a kind style that we tout it in our slogan, “We don’t just sell men’s shirts. We sell men’s favorite shirts.”

Our Bold New Patterns Come Just in Time

The new patterns take their place alongside our popular staples in a variety of bold and subtle prints and patterns. Our classic styles include bright contrast patterns as well as subtle tone-on-tone woven jacquard shirts made of fine, long-staple Turkish cotton, which is known worldwide for its unexcelled combination of luxurious comfort and iron durability. At Michael and David, we promise that our shirts will wash and wear well, looking just as good after you’ve worn them hundreds of times as they do when they’re brand new.

Celebrities Love Us, Too

The Michael and David label has already garnered a loyal following among many of Los Angeles’ celebrities, including many singers and performers of corridos, as well as Mexican and Latino actors. For instance, bando singers Espinoza Paz and Beto Sierra have been spotted onstage and around town in Michael and David men’s shirts. In addition, Reggaeton singer Tito El Bambino has been seen lately wearing his own Michael and David shirt. And popular singers aren’t the only celebrities wearing our shirts. Mexican TV actor Michael Goyri and international singing sensation, El Komander have both been seen styling in our menswear .

Where to Find Our Shirts

Michael and David men’s shirts feature high-quality details, such as double stitching, top-stitched accents and contrast collars, cuffs and placket lining. At Michael and David, we make it our mission to offer a frequently changing lineup of limited edition prints, patterns and colors. Our shirts are sold in specialty men’s boutique stores and high-end department stores throughout the United States and in selected European cities. And for a limited time, you can find our shirts on Amazon Prime at a price that will make your heart sing—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Now, Back to Valentine’s Day

Don’t be one of the those guys who show up to a Valentine’s Day date dressed in a shirt that will embarrass your girl. After all, she’ll make the effort to look her best for the romantic holiday—shouldn’t you do the same? Why not log onto Amazon now and look for the Michael and David shirt that perfectly fits your style? With our vast variety of styles and colors, you’re bound to find the shirt that have you—and your girl—smiling all night. And ladies? Don’t buy your man one more boring shirt for Valentine’s. Instead, why not impress him with your fashion know-how this year, and give him the shirt that he’ll treasure for years to come?

Beto Sierra Dresses the Part in Michael and David Fashion Shirts

Buy Michael & David Men’s Shirts on Amazon Prime Today – Click Here!

Mexican singer Beto Sierra, an up and coming singer of new-style Latin ballads known as narcocorridos, has been making a name for himself. While he is best known for the songs he has written for close friends, such as Alfredito Olivas, Geraldo Ortiz and Regulo Caro, Sierra’s own releases are beginning to pick up steam, and he’s taking the stage to head up his own group at venues in Mexico and the U.S. When he does, it’s not unusual to see the young singer showing off his swagger in the unmistakably Latin styling of Michael and David Men’s fashion shirts.

Sierra is just the latest in a string of celebrities who have been seen lately sporting Michael and David Men’s shirts both onstage and off, including colorful Latin singers like El Komander, Espinoza Paz and Javier Rosas. Fans will recognize all of the singers as part of the nuovocorrido tradition that is often compared to North American gangster rap. The design elements of our shirts also seem to span the divide between traditional men’s design and the more macho, contemporary elements of men’s wear, as evidence by the bold patterns, bright colors and meticulously stitched seams. Even the modified slim cut is a nod to tradition, with more room than the standard slim cut favored by European design houses and more shape than the boxy loose cut favored by most American menswear designers.

Our line features high-quality shirts made from Turkish cotton, generally acknowledged to be the finest and most durable cotton available for clothing. The superior drape of the fabric combines with the meticulous tailoring to make Michael and David men’s fashion shirts comfortable and long-wearing, with an unmistakable style that sets them apart from the bland men’s styles often seen from other designers.

Singer Espinoza Paz Shows Off Signature Style in Michael and David Men’s Shirts

Buy Michael & David Men’s Shirts on Amazon Prime Today – Click Here!

Latin singer Espinoza Paz has finally started getting the recognition he deserves. The long-time songwriter has seen many of his songs hit the charts in the last decade, but it’s only in the past few years that he’s hit it big singing his own corridos. After years of writing songs to be recorded by a wide range of bandas, Paz has gained a public profile as he takes the stage singing his own works. He’s also showing off some of his personal style with his choice of Michael and David men’s designer shirts as part of his on stage concert presence.

Paz, born Isidro Chavez Espinoza in 1982, has been writing music since he was 11 years old, but it wasn’t until 2004 that his love of music began to pay off. That was the year that he showed his work to bando singer El Coyote, who recorded three of Paz’ songs and immediately drove them to hit status. In 2006, Paz paired with Martin Fabian, who collaborated with him on Paz’ own debut album, “Paz EnTu Corazon.” By 2008, the singer-songwriter had released two independent albums and signed with a Universal Latino, a major recording label. Since 2008, two of Paz’s albums have gone Platinum and two have gone Gold, with numerous #1 chart toppers in the U.S. and Latin markets.

Paz posts frequent photos of himself and his activities to his social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Over the past couple of months, the Latin banda singer has appeared numerous times wearing our bold, sexy shirts proving our company’s tag line to be true: We don’t just sell men’s shirts. We sell men’s favorite shirts.

We offer a line of high-end men’s fashion shirts that blend meticulous tailoring, quality materials and their signature American slim cut, a fit that flatters nearly any man. Made of high-quality Turkish cotton, known for its comfortable drape and wearability, Michael and David men’s shirts are rapidly becoming must-have items in the stylish man’s wardrobe.

Espinoza Paz is Seen Wearing a Michael and David Men's Shirt at a Recent Performance.

Espinoza Paz is Seen Wearing a Michael and David Men’s Shirt at a Recent Performance.

Grammy Award-winning Singer Javier Rosas Shows Off His Swagger in Our Shirts!

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Javier Rosas loves Michael and David Men's Shirts

Javier Rosas loves Michael and David Men’s Shirts

Young Latin singer Javier Rosas had a spectacular 2014, and he’s gearing up for an even better 2015. It was just a year ago that Rosas’ single “En La Sierra y La Ciudad (La China),” debuted in the Mexican Regional Airplay charts at No. 46. By the end of the year, Rosa had hit two more Billboard charts, and earned him a contract with the SESAC Latina recording label. Recently, Rosas has been refining his style, both musical and personal, and has been seen around town and on stage wearing ultra-elegant Michael and David’s men’s designer shirts, our designer label that is nearly as hot as the young Mexican singer himself.

Rosas began his singing career at age 19 in clubs and trattorias in his native Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. He quickly grew an organic following that was further fueled by popular YouTube videos of his songs and music. His alternative lyrics and danceable beats have made Rosas’ music a natural hit both in his native Sinaloa and beyond. At just 22 years of age, the engaging singer has already proven his talent – and now he’s stepping out to lead on fashion and style as well. During his last several concert events, Rosas has taken the stage wearing shirts from LA-based design house Michael and David, showing off his signature style and the swagger that have made him one of the most popular young artists of the year.

Our menswear features finely made and meticulously tailored men’s apparel, particularly men’s fashion shirts that are designed to appeal to the young and the bold with details that elevate them from “just a shirt” to “favorite shirt” status. Our company’s rise to popularity echoes Rosas’ own rise, with our shirts being featured in a growing number of fine men’s apparel stores and boutiques across North and South America, as well as in select European cities. Michael and David men’s shirts are made of Turkish cotton, generally acknowledged to be the most comfortable and durable cotton available, and feature patterns and colors that stand out from the crowd. The American slim fit is cut with enough ease to be comfortable and enough shape to be flattering to nearly every man.  With stand-out styling and wider availability, we believe our line of menswear is poised to become a major brand name with staying power.

Another Shot of Javier Rosas Wearing a Michael and David Men's Fashion Shirt

Another Shot of Javier Rosas Wearing a Michael and David Men’s Fashion Shirt


Here is a close up of the style of shirt Javier Rosas was wearing in the photo above.

Here is a close up of the style of shirt Javier Rosas was wearing in the photo above.