Slip into Slim Fit Fashion with The Reinvigorated 60’s Look

aaabbbThroughout the years we have seen many fashion statements from year’s gone by make a sudden and dramatic return to the fashion world. Obviously not all fashion styles comeback; some are (luckily) buried in the annals of history never to be seen again. Some examples of those that are retuning are the popular dresses from the 80’s, and even the 1950’s haircut has started to spread across some parts of the World, mostly thanks to English football legend David Beckham.

The Return of the Sixties For Men

Men’s fashions are currently going through a shift as the 1960 styles are popping up in 2015 with a new line of slim fit shirts. These sleeker, more sophisticated shirts are being embraced by many people. That’s no surprise when you consider that these shirts are more tailored, sleek, tidy and polished. Compare that to the styles of yesterday when men wore baggy shirts that simply didn’t fit properly.  Bu the swinging 60’s was the era for everything skinny, and we are convinced that this new sleek fashion style is about to take the world by storm—once again.

Design Houses and Celebrities are Both Helping Endorse the New Look

Luckily, this is one fashion trends that transcends the magazines and fashion columns. There are quit a few high quality outlets that are buzzing about the new slim fit designs, and plenty of celebs who are more than happy to be seen out and about in the new look. Whether it’s a pair of skinny jeans, a skinny t-shirt or a skinny shirt, 60’s fashion is back. And at Michael and David’s men’s shirts, we want to make sure American men understand the shift in their fashion world—and don’t get left behind.

Mexican Singer Javier Rosas Takes Slim Fit to a New Level

Several celebrities had been seen around town wearing our shirts, which fit nicely into the new fashion trend. For example, we’ve already seen the hit Mexican singer Javier Rosas donning our new slim-fit clothing line, but it doesn’t stop there. Many celebrities are flocking to our designer racks to make sure they aren’t left out when it comes to the latest styles. Which brings us to our next point.

We don’t just mass produce our product. Instead, we understand the importance of uniqueness and individuality in men’s fashion designs. That’s why each one of our shirts is part of a limited edition design so men can feel confident that they’ll stand out from the crown. But that means that once stock runs out on a particular line, you won’t be able to purchase the shirt anymore. That’s why it’s important that when you see a shirt you love, you should put off the purchase.

Each of our limited edition sets is well thought-out and meticulously designed out of the finest Turkish fabric. And we pay attention to the details. Each and every design, down to the last cross-stitch is of supurb and uncompromising quality.

More About How the Shirts are Made

If you’ve never worn a quality shirt, you may not be familiar with all of the benefits you’ll experience when you slip one on. The shirts are tailored slim fit, and will fit you like a dream because they are made for your body type. They won’t be too loose, and they won’t be too tight. Instead, they’ll fit you as if they were designed just for you.

You will also find the following features in our shirts:

  • A unique, custom designer style with contrasting cuff and collar details that give you a comfortable, understated elegance. You’ll continue to receive compliments after years of wear.
  • Shirts are made from Turkish cotton, which is one of the most sought after and desirable fabrics in the high quality men’s shirt fashion circles.
  • Premium collar stays are used in order to keep collars looking great after years of wear.

As if that’s not enough, we are so confident that you will love our shirts that we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the shirt for any reason.


There you have it, slim fit is back in fashion. Will you be joining the new fashion trend?

The Verdict is in—Men are Wearing Sim Fit Shirts More Than Ever Now

MD-515 White 2 front cuff upIt’s the typical story—American fashion usually follows behind Europe and Asian, and in the world of men’s fashion, that seems to be happening again. According to a recently issued report by Bloomberg News, American men are finally catching up to the fashion trends in Europe and Asia when it comes to the style of shirt they are wearing. Up until the shift, American men have been perfectly content to wear baggy dress shirts in monotone colors with no real style distinction. And during this time, forward thinking men in Europe and Asia have preferred a more slim fit style that feature contrasting collars and cuffs. But finally, it appears that American men are catching up with the trend. Bloomberg News recently brought home that fact when it reported that 60 percent of all men’s dress shirts sold at Nordstrom are trim fit. And some men are going beyond the trends because a full 10 percent of those sales are extra trim shirts. Contrast that to only five years ago, when a mere 40 percent of men’s dress shirts sold were sim fit. That’s up 20 percent in a scant five years.

The 60′s Reborn

The trend is said to have started as a kickback to the 60s, when the skinny look was in for men as they wore shirts that fit more snugly to the body. That seems to make sense as women’s fashion is currently also emulating women’s 60s fashion as can be seen in the new hippie and bohemian styles that are so popular. In addition, Cotton Timberlake with Bloomberg said that he believes women who see the European and Asian trends online can be credited for having their men switch to the simmer fit dress shirts. The popularity of the style can be seen by watching celebrities. Super stars like George Clooney, Tom Brady, LeBron James, and Justin Timberlake all have taken to the new style, and when the average man sees them wear the new slimmer shirts, they quickly adopt the new shirts into their own wardrobe.

Michael and David Saw the Trend Coming

The new style, which is a more polished and tailored look that the old baggier style, is seen more and more on runways and in real life as American men are wearing them to work and play. At Michael and David men’s shirts, we were one of the first design houses to clearly see the new style on the horizon. We realized years ago that the baggy look was on its way out, and introduced a slim fit men’s shirt line that was quickly noticed by singers, stars and average men alike. For instance, the papers are filled with photographs of Sergio Goyri, Tito El Bambino, Javier Rosas, Aaron Barrios, Espinoza Paz and El Komander sporting our Michael and David’s men shirts. In addition to the slim fit style that is so in demand, our shirts are also known for the contrasting collars and cuffs, and the high quality Turkish cotton we use that gives our shirts that soft, subtle feel.

Our Shirts are on Sale!

If you want to incorporate the sleeker new style into your own wardrobe, but have held back because of the hefty price tag that comes with such a quality shirt, we have great news! You can find our men’s fashion shirts drastically discounted on Amazon Prime right now. The shirts normally retail for $165 each, and our low price averages at $109. But for a very limited time, you can find assorted selections of Michael and David men’s shirts for only $69. It’s a great time to update your wardrobe without having to pay full retail. But keep in mind, that these prices will only last until the shirts are gone, so if you ‘re ready to update your wardrobe and finally get rid of those baggy out of style shirts, now is the time to act.

It’s never been a better time to be an American man who cares about fashion. The new trim fit styles and the trendsetting contrast collars and cuffs of today’s dress shirts are truly giving men a real choice when it comes to their wardrobes. They no longer have to be slaves to the sloppy American look of men’s fashion, and can now finally step into the more polished and sleek style that the rest of the world is heading towards. Don’t get left behind—stop by our Amazon Prime page now and pick up some of the new style shirts before they are all gone!