The Men’s Fashion World Has Finally Caught up With Us

Accordinmens shirtg to the New York Observer, men’s fashion has all but come completely undone. And we don’t want to toot our own horn, but the truth is, we have understood this change in men’s fashion for some time now. If you’re a man, or a woman who dresses a man, listen up because everything you know about men’s fashion has just been turned on its head. Here are the changes you can expect to see as this new style takes over.

The Peacock is Out of Style

In year’s past, men have taken the fashion world by storm by asserting themselves and claiming their role in the fashion world. Unfortunately, this trend can be summed up by one word: overdone. Akin to women’s fashion in the 80s, men have started to take themselves way too seriously, and the result is the metrosexual male. This new style man is nothing like men of the past. They took themselves very seriously, and took grooming to a whole new level. In fact, the rise of the contemporary metrosexual had men competing with women for bathroom time, and grooming themselves to peacock status. The implication was that they took themselves just as seriously as women when it came to looking good. But luckily, that fashion era is over, and the new man will strive for a more casual look—one of studied nonchalance. The Italians call it sprezzatura, and the goal of the fashion trend is to make a man look as if he doesn’t take himself, or his clothes, too seriously.

The Nonchalant Male is in Style

Men no longer have to polish their shoes to a perfect shine, spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products and make sure their pants have the perfect crease in them before they can be seen outside of the house. Instead, men are getting real. They’re wearing wrinkled clothes, refusing to button their shirts all the way up, and wearing their hair more relaxed and tousled, instead of the slicked back look of last year. In other words, men have decided that they have better things on their minds than making sure their breast pocket squares are precisely positioned. The key to the look, according to Dan Rookwood is hygiene. “Your hair might look like you haven’t washed it lately, but it’s still clean. And you might be the kind of guy who rarely, if ever, washes his raw jeans in order to get a fade and fit that is bespoke to you, but you can still air them and spritz them with an antibacterial fabric spray.” Men’s fashion week showcased this style by dressing down business suits with denim and even leaving shoe buckles undone. In other words, the era of perfection dressing for men is over.

We Hate to Say We Told You So, But…

At Michael and David, we anticipated this shift in men’s fashion some time ago, and that’s why we design our men’s shirts for the fashionable man who is comfortable enough with himself to be, and look, real. We are famous for our casual, but stylish shirts that come with contrasting collars and cuffs. And our shirts are designed to be worn outside, not tucked inside the pant, like the prissy style of last year. But our men’s shirts don’t look sloppy, like other past men’s fashion styles. Instead, they’re made to fit close to a man’s body and show off his physique. In addition, we use only the best Turkish cotton which is in line with today’s casual, but quality trend. And yes, our shirts are casual and prone to sprezzatura. In fact, some observers of the industry might say we are the forerunners of the style. Our shirts are easily recognized as a one of the leaders in today’s men’s fashion trends. Have you noticed lately how many starts and singers are wearing them? It’s because they want to look like they care about their appearance, without the overdone look of yesterday.

If you haven’t yet experienced the look of Michael and David menswear, you couldn’t have picked a better time to try one on and see for yourself the difference the right shirt on a man can make. Our shirts are showing up at a growing list of fine men’s stores and in some overseas cities. And for a limited time, you can find them on Amazon Prime.

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